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As an interdisciplinary minor housed in the Honors College, Phronesis: A Program in Politics and Ethics focuses on questions and issues that leaders and citizens are likely to confront in a self-governing political society. Refer to the Honors coursebook for an updated list of Phronesis-approved courses.

For the minor in Phronesis, a student must complete 19 semester hours of approved coursework; all courses must be Honors sections or approved for Honors credit by the Phronesis advisor.

1. Foundational Course:

The Human Situation: Modernity (4 hours) HON 2101H, ENGL 2361H

(Prerequisite - The Human Situation: Antiquity. For eligible students not in the Honors College, this prerequisite may be waived with the permission of the Phronesis director.)

2. One course each from POLS and PHIL (6 hours)

POLS 3310H, 3342H, 3343H, 3349H

PHIL 3350H, 3351H, 3355H, 3358H, 3375H

3. Two 3000-level courses from approved list (6 hours)

4. One 4000-level course from approved list (3 hours; seminar on a core issue in Politics and Ethics, with a substantial writing component)

5. Average GPA of 3.0 for all courses in the minor

6. 6 hours of coursework may count toward the major