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Ningqiao Li Assistant Professor

B.S. in Tourism Management at Shandong University in China; M.S. in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Xiamen University in China; Ph.D. in Hospitality Management at the University of South Carolina.

Expertise & Research Interests
  • Visual marketing and branding in hospitality and tourism
  • Consumer information processing and decision making
  • Machine learning and data mining
  • Application of computer vision in hospitality and tourism
  • Tourism economics
Career highlights
Author of peer-reviewed journal articles published in Tourism Management, Tourism Economics, and Tourism Analysis; recipient of the Best Paper Award at the 22nd Asia Pacific Tourism Association Conference in 2016, and a nominee for the Best Paper Award at the 26th Annual Graduate Education & Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality & Tourism in 2020; three years’ industry experience in Banquet, Housekeeping, and Marketing, with an expertise in hotel digital brand marketing; currently teaches Project Development and Management in the Hospitality Industry.