Teaching Innovation Program Grant - University of Houston
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Teaching Innovation Program Grant

The Teaching Innovation Program (TIP) grant is an award opportunity for departments to develop and implement plans for new and innovative approaches to teaching in online and hybrid environments.  The Provost’s Office is committed to providing resources and support to departments and faculty who can present a innovative plan for accomplishing the TIP program objectives.  

For the 2024-25 submissions, all proposal topics will be considered, but preference will be given to proposals that incorporate AI.

The deadline is Friday, June 28, 2024, noon (12 pm, CT)

Proposals will be reviewed for the following:

1. Potential to enhance student performance. Proposals should address:

  1. Improving and integrating undergraduate and graduate learning and educational delivery modalities. OR
  2. Extending and integrating a system of cohesive strategies to increase student degree completion. OR
  3. Developing new learning delivery mechanisms and modalities that maximize the students' opportunities to learn in ways that best match their learning styles. 

2. Number of students to benefit from the project.

3. Sustainability and scalability (continuation and replication in future semesters) with a specific departmental plan for maintaining the innovation after the TIP support has expired.

4. Innovation of the project.

5. Realistic budget and timeline. The maximum amount awarded will be $10,000.

6. Assessment plan.

7. Accessibility plan to address how to deliver materials to students with disabilities who may or may not request DART Center accommodations.

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Selection Process and Proposal Submission