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Canvas Support

The faculty using Canvas have access to the excellent support. Canvas Support, the UH Canvas team, the Instructional Designer (ID) for each college, and the central group of IDs are available to offer help and guidelines.

Instructional Design

If you want to create your course using Canvas, find out how Canvas tools can be used to enhance students' engagement and collaboration,or make the delivery of your course material more effective. Please contact the FDIS office at or 832-842-2147 for any of your support needs.  You can also find your College Instructional Designer to help you.


If you are having trouble connecting to Canvas, trouble with your account, questions about how to use a tool, or have concerns about one of the add-on tools available with Canvas, please click the Help link in the Canvas Global Navigation menu to live chat or report a problem.

How to get help with Canvas as an Instructor