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University of Houston is excited to introduce their first ALC at 1020, Cougar Place. This room is part of the University’s mission to provide "opportunities for learning, discovery and engagement to a diverse population of students in a real-world setting."  With a capacity of 72 students, this room is intended for courses that successfully employ strategies for student engagement, constructivist learning and discovery.  

Major components of ALC:


    • Instructor's Station:
      • A Quad-core i7 processor running with a dedicated graphics card
      • A 360o rotate HD Conferencing Web Camera capable of remote control access aided with a Custom-made Noiseless Video Conferencing Microphone to ensure mobility
    • Podium:
      • One podium at the center of the room as an alternate instructor station
      • It is equipped with a HDMI port so that the instructors can project their own laptops onto the HDTV screens
    • HDMI Matrix Switch:  8x8 matrix switch from Shinybow that supports full resolution HDMI video with embedded EDID. High definition digital signals can be selected and distributed to any 8 inputs to 8 outputs

    • Projector & Projector Screen:

      • A High Definition Projector works to display content onto a Large 4:3 Projection Screen to ensure visibility and an additional ability to display projector content onto all of the SIX HDTVs located all around the spacious room

      • A dedicated Control Panel to control audio and video functionality

    • HDTVs:
      • Each HDTV is a large 16:9 High Definition Display with a dedicated computer allowing it to be controlled by individual groups
      • Each HDTV is also equipped with a WIDI Technology allowing the Student Laptops to connect to the display TVs wirelessly
      • Each HDTV is provided with a Wireless Keyboard with integrated Trackpad in order to connect with the computer
      • Each HDTV has a High Definition Web Camera
    • Student Laptops:

      • 2 Quad-core i5 student laptops per table

    • Other hardware:

      • THREE Whiteboards with Dry-Erase Marker Pens

      • SIX Wireless Microphones

      • Dedicated wireless with AC Wireless access points for fast wireless speeds and data transfers

      • Cellphone/tablet charging stations

      • Electrical Tracks with SIX outlets to each table for charging

      • 12 tables with six chairs on casters for easy mobility and re-configuration


    • Productivity:
      • MS Office 2013 Suite, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Movie Maker, and more
    • Browsers:
      • Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome
    • Security:
      • Antivirus, antimalware software included
    • Communication:
      • Skype, LifeCam
    • Collaboration & In-Class assessment:
      • Turning Point for clickers, Blackboard Collaborate, FARONICS Insight
      • FARONICS Insight which is software that lets students ask professor questions from their micro-computer/laptop using a messenger style application
    • Media Players:
      • QuickTime, Windows Media Player, VLC