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Minor In-House Construction

Minor In-House Construction (MIC) offers quality craftsmanship and labor with an unsurpassed knowledge of the campus facilities and its users. Many small scale renovations not exceeding $50K, such as construction of offices, breakrooms, conference rooms, etc., can be done within this department. 

To begin a project with MIC, submit a work order via our UH FIXIT service. Once a work order is assigned to MIC, a project manager will develop a scope of work and estimate. Upon approval of estimate, the project will be billed to an approved cost center on a time and material basis weekly. 


Services provided by MIC: 




Do you charge for estimates on a project? Yes, we charge for project estimates by the hour at the "Manager Review" rate. 

Do you make custom built products? Yes, we make custom built cabinets, bookcases, and shelves, etc. to meet customer needs.