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Campus Construction Services

Campus Construction Services (CCS) is a construction management team at UH Facilities/Construction Management, which serves the University of Houston in managing construction projects up to $1M in value with a laser focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and communication.

These projects include but are not limited to: classrooms, lab and office renovations, infrastructure upgrades, along with projects that maintain the architectural vocabulary of UH.

In a project’s early stages, CCS works hand-in-hand with Facilities Planning for a smooth transition for the stakeholders. CCS listens to their stories and collects requirements to develop a preliminary scope, cost, and schedule. 

In a tier-one University, where researchers, faculty, and students are striving to innovate and expand the science’s horizon, most CCS projects have a strict deadline that must be met on time to keep the research/experiments progressing as planned.  Experienced CCS team members use a collaborative work environment and available resources to deliver successful projects with a high customer satisfaction rate.

CCS believes the recipe for a successful project is informed stakeholders, controlled constraints, and collaboration.