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Cost and Billing

Effective FY23, there will be a nominal shop billing rate increase of 3% across most Facilities Services shops that provides billable services to UH departments. This will provide support to both the minimum wage and indirect material price increase.

The table of shop billing rates for FY23 is provided below. There is no cost to departments for regular ongoing maintenance requests for state funded space. However, services outside of routinely scheduled repairs and maintenance are billable to the campus customer. 

The Minor In-House Construction (MIC) team underwent a third party business review in 2021. FY23 is the second phase of the rate adjustment. This rate is independent of the normal trade shop rates for work order completion.

Facilities Labor Rates*



FY 2022

(effective 1 Sep 2021)


FY 2023

(effective 1 Sep 2022)










Fire Alarm












Lock Shop



General Maintenance






Minor In-House Construction



Moves & Events



Power Plant



Solid Waste



Manager Review




*All overtime will be 1.5 times the hourly rate.


Billing rates are reviewed annually and will be updated in alignment with the continuing campus growth and development.

For more information, see Billable vs. Non-billable Requests.

For questions or clarification, contact Facilities Communications,


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