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For Researchers of Approved Projects

Following a successful proposal that has been approved by the UH ERC and ERC Advisory Board, the proposal is reclassified as an approved project. Approved project researchers will first need to complete a series of trainings and submit the necessary documentation to obtain access to the Repository housed at the UH ERC. Researchers of approved projects should review the Policies and Procedures Approved Project Handbook.

Researchers of approved projects must contact Jeanette Narvaez ( to schedule their ERC orientation prior to beginning their research projects. 

UH ERC Room Guidelines

  • Please make sure the door closes behind you
  • Phones calls are permitted, however, use of cameras and other recording devices to capture data/screen images is strictly prohibited
  • No data can be transferred (including on paper)
  • Make sure to lock your computer every time you leave your station, even for short periods
  • Please use only your assigned workstation and data
  • Enjoy collaborating but please remember your findings are confidential
  • Be respectful of others using the room by limiting conversation and cleaning up your station
  • Please shut down after you are finished with your work

  Remember to call 713.743.3333 for emergencies

Researcher Checklist

  Obtaining Access

 a. Credentials/CougarNet ID          

 b. IRB Approval

 c. FERPA Training

  •  Complete and send a screen shot of FERPA training certificate by email to the Director & Database Administrator

  d. Masking Training Module

  • Complete Masking Training & Assessment Module provided by UH-ERC to certify completion of the UH ERC Masking
  • Submit Training Module & Online Assessment results to the Director & Operations staff by email

  e. Confidentiality Agreement

  f. File Request

  • Formally request data outlined and approved in your proposal, include the preferred format

           (e.g. SPSS, STATA, R, MYSQL) using the following forms:

            Supplemental Data Form - TEA

            Supplemental Data Form - THECB

  g. FERPA Training

  • If your training expires mid-project, proof must be resubmitted. Note: Valid for three years

  Conducting Research

  • Masking
  • Review of Research Products
    • Review the Policies & Procedures: Approved Project Handbook , Review of Research Products for details on how the process works
    • Submit research products for review to the Director.  It may take between 7-10 days to review and release, if properly masked.  
    • Process to send data to reviewer for Masking and Training Compliance:
      • Researcher ensures that output is scrubbed as per requirements.
      • Researcher then emails Jeanette Narvaez ( that the output to leave the ERC is ready to be reviewed and provides the location within his/her folder structure. (ie\\server#\project1\data\final)
      • Narvaez will then move data to location that only ERC Data Reviewer and she have access to within the ERC.
      • Data Reviewer will communicate with the Researcher about any changes that need to be made.
      • Once data is certified by Data Reviewer, the Reviewer will email Narvaez that it is approved for release and can leave the ERC.  Narvaez will move data to external SFTP server.   Then Narvaez will email data to all requested.
  • Information Updates
    • Submit periodic updates to the Director reporting the progress and any external publications derived from the Repository data
  • Project Extension or Amendment
  • Dissemination Strategy
    • Policy Brief– Submit a policy or practice brief highlighting the findings of your study for review by the ERC Advisory Board, Director, and possible posting on the website.
    • Complete any other dissemination promises outlined in the proposal and submit copies of publications. 
Conclusion of Research
  • Researcher Access & Files
    • Notify the Director & Database Administrator of the conclusion of your research