Lordina Yeboah - University of Houston
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Lordina Yeboah

Your anticipated graduation date

Your major
Interior Architecture

Your Hometown
Houston, Texas

What is your current UH job and where do you work?
Cougar Cupboard - Cupboard Assistant Coordinator

How did you find your UH job?
Cougar Pathway

How long have you been at your current UH job?
15 months

What is the most rewarding part of your UH job? Have you learned anything from your job that you'll take with you after graduation?
The most rewarding part would be getting the chance to take on a leadership role and being able to assist my fellow UH Students. Something I picked up while working at the Cougar Cupboard / Wellness Center that will stay with me after graduation is the culture of acceptance, affirmations, and encouraging each other as we grow into our prospective roles.

How do you think your UH job has or is helping you prepare for full-time employment? What skills are you developing?
My current UH job is helping me improve my communication skills as I interact with various students. It's helping me prepare for full-time employment by giving me the space to grow and learn more about my strengths and weaknesses in a professional setting.

What is a typical day for you at your UH job?
A typical day (on Tuesdays) at my UH job starts with checking enrollment of new students who recently enrolled in our Food Scholarship Program. Then I make a list of the tasks our Cupboard Assistants and I will be completing for the day. These tasks include, but are not limited to, sorting through donations, cleaning, stocking the shelves, breaking down boxes, making bags, helping students with the Cupboard orientation process, opening up, recycling, closing, and any needed changes needed for the Cupboard.

How do you balance school and work responsibilities?
Since my job doesn't require me to complete tasks whenever I am not on the clock, that leaves me ample time to attend to my school responsibilities. Additionally, my professors give us students enough time to complete our assignments, so there isn't an overlap for me. It's all about making a schedule of all my responsibilities and making sure I have allotted enough time for each, so there's a good balance.

Why did you choose the University of Houston?
I chose the University of Houston because it has my current major and it is relatively close to my home.

What are your career plans post graduation?
Post graduation, I plan to work at an Architecture Firm.