Keisjon Mosby - University of Houston
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Keisjon Mosby

Your anticipated graduation date
May 13, 2022

Your major
Psychology with a minor in Biology

Your Hometown
Richmond, Virginia

What is your current UH job and where do you work?
Student Assistant at UH Wellness

How did you find your UH job?
Cougar Pathway

How long have you been at your current UH job?
Four years, since my freshman year

What is the most rewarding part of your UH job? Have you learned anything from your job that you'll take with you after graduation?
The most rewarding thing from my job is being able to provide students with a safe space where they can come and hang out and also be comfortable enough to ask me questions about things and me being able to provide them with the best possible resource and information they need.

How do you think your UH job has or is helping you prepare for full-time employment? What skills are you developing?
It has helped build my person-to-person interaction skills because a lot of my job is talking to students and faculty/staff. It is important to me that I am able to gauge the conversation and know exactly how to go about the subject at hand and best help or reach out to the person.

What is a typical day for you at your UH job?
A typical day for me is checking on all the other student assistants to make sure they are supported on their tasks they are working on and if I need to help them with anything. Also, I double check with my supervisors to see if there are any new tasks they need me to work on. On top of that I sit at the front desk to greet and answer any questions anyone has when they come in our office as well as helping out with the Cougar Cupboard.

How do you balance school and work responsibilities?
I have a designated time for my work and school responsibilities. I also try to disperse the task load across the student assistants as best as I can in order for us all to have a manageable load of materials and time to focus on our schoolwork as well.

Why did you choose the University of Houston?
Originally the University of Houston was not my choice of school. As I have been here I am beyond happy that this is the school that I ended up going to because I feel like the impact this school has had on me and vice versa is something that I would not have gotten anywhere else.

What are your career plans post graduation?
After graduation, I plan on continuing my research efforts at Baylor College of Medicine as well as getting my EMT certification. I plan on eventually going to graduate school after I prepare myself and gather as much research experience needed to make sure I am comfortable and ready.