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How does a current student enroll for class at the University of Houston?

The Dean of Students Office recommends that all students (both those new to the University and those who are currently attending) meet with their Academic Advisor before enrolling for the next semester. After meeting with their Advisor, students can register within myUH .

How many courses can or should an undergraduate student take a semester?

An undergraduate student should recognize that course work in college will require a significant amount of work outside the classroom - traditionally recommended at 2-3 hours for every hour in class. Click here to find out more about the University's course load recommendations.

Does a student have to declare a major right away? What if my son/daughter doesn’t know what he/she wants to major in?

No, students do not have to declare a major right away. Students who choose not to declare a major at the point of admission to the University of Houston will be offered assistance through UScholars that will help them later make an informed decision about a major field of study. All UScholars students must declare a major by the beginning of their junior year (60 credit hours) if they have not already done so.

May I check my student’s grades online?

Students can log in to myUH under the Academic Record tab students can view and print their grades and check their current grade point average. We encourage you to have a conversation with your student about how they will share this information. FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law regarding the privacy of student records and the access provided to these records. Unless your student has provided written authorization specifically identifying what information may be released to you as the parent, you may not have access to his or her records, such as grades and test scores.

My student is not doing well academically, is there tutoring available on campus?

The University of Houston offers outstanding resources free of charge for students seeking academic assistance. LAUNCH—Learning Advancements for UNdergraduate Cougars of Houston offer tutoring services, learning strategies counseling, and workshops on academic learning strategies and personal development. The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultation and more to help your students gain confidence in their writing ability.


I have a specific question about University Housing or residence life.

Please visit Student Housing and Residential Life to find many answers to your housing-related questions. Please contact us if we can help with other questions.

My student wants to move off-campus.

Commuter Student Services’ mission is to provide support services and effective communication to help facilitate commuter students’ success and connection to the UH community. Our primary purpose is to ensure that your needs, as commuter students, are acknowledged and addressed by our campus community.

What if my student does not get along with a roommate?

Residential Life and Housing assists students in addressing their transition to the residence halls through a variety of resources. Please have your student contact their Resident Advisor to assist in resolving any roommate issues.

Financial Aid and University Fees

When is the deadline for my student to pay his/her fees for the semester?

The Office of Student Business Services, also known as the Bursar's Office, is responsible for the billing of tuition and fees for admitted students. This involves creating payment plans to help students get their accounts paid off as well as actually sending the bills. This office is not involved in the financial aid process (which is handled by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid). Visit the Payment FAQ Page to find answers to your payment-related questions. Please contact us if we can help with other questions.

I have a specific question related to registration.

Visit the Registrar’s Office Enrollment FAQ Page to find many answers to your registration questions.

How can my student apply for financial aid?

Each year students must complete the application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Renewal FAFSA in order to apply for federal financial aid. For more information, visit the Financial Aid Office.

What if my student can’t afford to buy the required textbooks for class?

UH offers a short-term book loan option in the amount of $400 per regular semester (fall/spring) and $200 for the summer semester. Students may apply for this loan on the optional fee page at myUH.    


I have questions about my student’s graduation ceremony (date/time/place).

Commencement is held each May and December. Details regarding your student’s ceremony will depend on her or his academic college.

How does my student order a UH class ring?

To learn more about purchasing a class ring and information please contact the University of Houston Alumni Association.


How can my student get tickets to UH sporting events?

All UH students are admitted FREE to regular-season games. Each student must present a valid Cougar student ID card for admission. Please visit the University of Houston Ticket Center for additional information and how to purchase student guest tickets.

How do I attend a sporting event with my student?

Athletic tickets can be purchased online from the Athletics Department through the University of Houston Ticket Center. Students may also purchase student guest tickets.

If my student is not on an official UH athletic team, how can they get involved with sports?

Intramural Sports provide an opportunity for the students to participate in over 27 activities for both individuals and teams. The Sport Clubs Program consists of recognized student organizations that are established to promote and develop common sport and/or recreation-related interests. The club exists to promote and develop skills, engage in competition, encourage peer leadership, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship of a specific sport.

Campus Life

Where can I find information about on and off-campus jobs for my student?

Encourage your student to visit University Career Services for information on employment and career development. For information about work-study positions on campus, encourage your student to visit the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

My student lives off-campus. Can he/she purchase an on-campus meal plan?

Yes. UH Dining Services offers several meal plan options for commuter students.

My student wants to join a campus organization. Where can he/she go for more information?

Encourage your student to visit the Center for Student Involvement located in the Student Center North for information and resources on how to get involved on campus. There are over 400 student organizations at UH, including academic groups, special interest clubs, Greek fraternities/sororities, programming- and philanthropy-based organizations, and everything in between.

What is Cougar Cash and where can my student use it?

Cougar Cash is a declining balance account that may be used in all dining facilities managed by UH Dining Services, including dining commons, national retail venues, food trucks, and campus Market stores. Cougar Cash balance carry forward to each new semester but will expire after one year of inactivity. Three Cougar Cash balances will show on a student’s account: Cougar Cash MP (amount of Cougar Cash on a meal plan), Cougar Cash Rollover (balance rolled over from previous semesters), and Cougar Cash (balance for deposits made using credit/debit on the AccessUH > Cougar Card Connect portal. Please see Dining Services FAQs for additional information.

My student wants to study abroad. How can he/she find out more information?

The Office of the Provost offers information on study abroad including application deadlines, associated costs, and benefits of such programs.

Health and Wellness

My student was sick and had to miss several classes. What should he/she do?

Your student should contact the instructor and let him/her know about absences due to illness.

Where can my student go to seek medical attention on campus?

The Student Health Center & Campus Pharmacy is located on-campus and offers non-emergent, outpatient medical care as well as psychiatry, orthopedic, immunization, laboratory, and pharmacy services to all currently enrolled UH students.

Visit the Student Health Center & Campus Pharmacy for answers to other frequently asked questions.

How can my student get vaccinated for meningitis, hepatitis, etc.? How can he/she get a flu shot?

Contact the Student Health Center & Campus Pharmacy for complete information regarding immunization availability and cost.

Will you call me if my daughter/son becomes ill?

No, health services are completely confidential. The university cannot share any information about your student without his/her written consent. Except for serious emergencies, students are responsible for notifying you of their condition.

What should I do if my student is feeling anxious/stressed/depressed?

Please encourage your student to contact the Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) at (713) 743-5454. A variety of individual and group counseling sessions are available, as well as many additional services for students.