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University of Houston Diversity Statement

Learning Abroad advances the goals of UH Global by offering undergraduate and graduate students unique, life changing, educational experiences abroad. We connect students to opportunities in over 100+ countries with faculty-led, reciprocal exchange, and affiliated third party provider programs, as well as research collaboratives, internships, experiential and service learning, and volunteer activities. 


February is Learning Abroad Month

We are excited to announce our newest initiative in sending more #CoogsAbroad: February is Learning Abroad Month!
28 days full of workshops, events, and advising to help you go abroad!

Why February? Because February is the last full month before student deadlines to decide on a summer program, complete the course credit equivalency process, submit their program applications, and apply for scholarships!

Global Citizens Credential

The Global Citizens Credential (GCC) allows students to enhance their degrees with a set of core competencies that will distinguish them as global citizens. These are identified as global knowledge, global engagement, and global responsibility. Completion of GCC requirements is certified by the Office of the Provost – UH Global and the Office of the Registrar. The GCC is open to any UH undergraduate student who is not facing any disciplinary action and is in good academic standing as reflected by a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or above. For more information about the program and how to register, email or visit the UH Global website.





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