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Deep learning in traffic image

The 1st Workshop of Transportation Cybersecurity Center for Advanced Research and Education (CYBER-CARE)

Event Date: January 10th, 2024

CYBER-CARE is gearing up for its inaugural workshop, set against the backdrop of the Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & Restaurant in Washington, DC. With a focus on "Cybersecure Transit: Innovation at the Intersection of AI, IoT, and Smart Mobility," this event promises a deep dive into cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of transportation security.

Deep learning in traffic image

IEEE Best Land Transportation Paper Award (2023)

We're excited to announce that our paper, "A Deep Reinforcement Learning Network for Traffic Light Cycle Control," by Xiaoyuan Liang, Xunsheng Du, Guiling Wang, and Zhu Han, has received the prestigious IEEE Best Land Transportation Paper Award for the year 2023 Our paper addresses inefficient traffic light cycle control, offering a solution using deep reinforcement learning and real-time traffic data to optimize traffic light durations. The model divides intersections into smaller grids and employs a high-dimensional Markov decision process to determine traffic light changes, aiming to minimize cumulative waiting time. Our approach, which incorporates optimization techniques like dueling networks and prioritized experience replay, proved its effectiveness through simulations using the Simulation of Urban Mobility simulator, highlighting its potential for efficient traffic light control. This award from IEEE recognizes our significant contributions to the field of land transportation and traffic management.

Houbing Herbert Song

AI for Cybersecurity and Security of AI

Event Date : September 25th, 2023

The mutual needs and benefits of AI and cybersecurity have been widely recognized. AI techniques are expected to enhance cybersecurity by assisting human system managers with automated monitoring, analysis, and responses to adversarial attacks. Conversely, it is essential to guard AI technologies from unintended uses and hostile exploitation by leveraging cybersecurity practices. The interplay between AI/machine learning, and cybersecurity introduces new opportunities and challenges in the security of AI as well as AI for cybersecurity. In this talk, I will present my recent research on AI for cybersecurity and the security of AI. First, I will introduce my research on AI for cybersecurity, i.e., real-time machine learning for quickest event (threat/intrusion/vulnerability…) detection. Next, I will present my research on the security of AI, i.e., coverage-driven testing and evaluation of deep learning systems. I will conclude my presentation with my ongoing research on neurosymbolic AI.

Data science in cyber security

Train the Trainers as Next Generation Leaders in Data Science for Cybersecurity for Underrepresented Communities

Event Date: September 6th, 2023

The "Train the Trainers as Next Generation Leaders in Data Science for Cybersecurity for Underrepresented Communities" grant is a collaborative effort between Prairie View Texas A&M, Alabama A&M, and the University of Houston (UH). This project has been awarded a total funding of $499,000, with $325,000 allocated to the University of Houston.


Exploring Innovation: T.H. Rogers School's Visit to the CYBER-CARE Center and AI Lab

Event Date: August 22nd, 2023

70 leaders, teachers, and staff from T.H. Rogers School visited the CYBER-CARE Center and Human-Centered AI Lab ( This exciting educational excursion provides them with a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge technology and research in the fields of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. It fosters an environment for hands-on learning and collaboration, further enriching their knowledge and skills. Such initiatives demonstrate the school's commitment to preparing students for the evolving digital landscape.

lu gao

Enhancing Road Safety and Transportation Infrastructure Security through Innovative Analysis.

Event Date : August 1st, 2023

Dr. Lu Gao, a University of Houston associate professor and CYBER-CARE co-PI, has partnered with Texas A&M University to secure a $459,000 TxDOT grant. Their project focuses on improving road safety through innovative analysis of pavement data, providing valuable insights for cybersecurity research. This initiative holds the potential to advance road safety and enhance transportation infrastructure security.


Dr. Yunpeng (Jack) Zhang's Research Featured on UH News

Event Date : July 6, 2023

Leading the Way to Cyber Safety on Roads and Highways" signifies a proactive commitment to securing modern transportation systems against cyber threats. This involves embracing cutting-edge technologies, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and implementing regulations and standards to protect all road users. The goal is to ensure the safety and reliability of connected and autonomous vehicles, infrastructure, and communication networks while preventing cyberattacks with real-world consequences.