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Our mission encompasses fostering interdisciplinary research and education, bridging the fields of transportation and cybersecurity. We aim to create a collaborative environment where expertise from both domains can merge. This synergy will drive innovations and advancements, ensuring a secure and efficient transportation future.



To develop the world’s leading innovative, healthy, sustainable, and intelligent transportation cybersecurity system and protect the American people, supply chains, public transit systems, and the economy through the safe, resilient, and sustainable movement of people and goods.



  • Security and Safety
  • Resilience
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Education and Empowerment
  • Ethical Conduct


Cybersecurity is crucial in transportation to protect people and goods, prevent economic and security risks, and combat threats like car hacking, as shown in the video.




Area of Expertise
University of Houston Blockchain Technology to Improve the Security and Safety
Impacts of Cyber-attacks on All Road Users
Embry-Riddle  Aeronautical University Testing and Evaluation of CAV
Secure and Trustworthy Transportation Cyber Physical Systems
RICE University Scalable, Interpretable and Flexible Al and MIL
Intrusion and Misinformation Detection in Transportation Sys.
Texas A&M University -
Corpus Christi
Access Mediation Technologies
Education and Workforce Development
University of Cincinnati Vehicle - driver Complex Behaviours
CPS - based Cyber-attack and Detection
University of Hawaii Discovery of data-driven TCMS attack pattern
Hacking knowledge for cyber-security enhancement


The team includes a diverse group of professors from various universities, each bringing unique expertise to key roles, from Center Director to Associate Director. Their collaborative efforts are essential in advancing innovation in transportation and cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field, and it is essential for organizations to stay up-to-date on the latest research and trends. The Research page on our website provides a central location for our team to share their research findings with the wider cybersecurity community.
The CYBER-CARE is dedicated to conducting research that tackles critical policy inquiries and ensuring that our research outcomes are integrated into the policymaking process

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Latest News

AI for Cybersecurity and Security of AI

Highlighted on the University of Houston Spring/Summer 2024 Magazine Cover

CYBER-CARE is proud to be featured in the University of Houston Spring/Summer 2024 Magazine, highlighting our leading role in safeguarding America's transportation systems against cyber threats. As a Tier 1 university center, recognized by the U.S. Department of Transportation, our consortium is at the forefront of advancing cybersecurity measures to protect connected and automated vehicles and critical infrastructure. This feature outlines our ongoing projects and the innovative technologies we are deploying to enhance national security and public safety. For a deeper look into our initiatives and the impact of our work, read the full article in the UH Magazine.

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The 1 st Workshop of Transportation Cybersecurity Center for Advanced Research and Education (CYBER-CARE)

CYBER-CARE is geared up for its inaugural workshop, set against the backdrop of the Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & Restaurant in Washington, DC. With a focus on "Cybersecure Transit: Innovation at the Intersection of AI, IoT, and Smart Mobility," this event delivered a deep dive into cutting-edge advancements that shaped the future of transportation security.

IEEE Paper image

IEEE Best Land Transportation Paper Award (2023)

Our paper, A Deep Reinforcement Learning Network for Traffic Light Cycle Control won the IEEE Best Land Transportation Paper Award for the year 2023. We addressed inefficient traffic light control with deep reinforcement learning and real-time data, optimizing with techniques like dueling networks and double Q-learning. By simulating with SUMO, we showcased its efficiency, emphasizing its importance in traffic management. This recognition underscores our contributions to land transportation advancement.

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