Fostering Success Initiative (FSI) - University of Houston
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Fostering Success Initiative (FSI)

The University of Houston Center for Student Empowerment (CSE) stands on its foundation of diversity and acceptance for all seekers of educational excellence. Our goal is to bring educational equality and self-determining assistive resources to our varying student members.

As a former Foster Care youth in transition, the CSE’s primary goal is to help you generate a circle of support through advisory and peer mentoring along with sharing our long held traditions of academic, personal and professional training and development of on and off campus life skills. The CSE invites you review the transitional living resource list below and make an appointment to begin working with our student leaders on a new plan for campus life. Welcome to the University of Houston Center for Student Empowerment, where our motto is, “Lift as You Climb”.

4365 Cougar Village Dr.
Houston, TX 77204-3017
Student Service Center 1, Bldg. 524, Room 302
Phone: (713) 743-6032

Transitional Living Resources

Houston’s transition center that serves as a central location for services for foster youth transitional to adulthood, including employment, education, housing, mental health and life skills programs empower current and former foster youth to be successful productive adults.

A foundation of the PAL program is the provision of training to assist youth in developing skills necessary to function as an adult. Students may qualify for a transitional living allowance of up to $1,000.