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South Asia to Houston Speaker Publications

Sehba Sarwar, "For Choice" in an online magazine, The Mantle

Sehba Sarwar, "Observing Social Change in Houston and Karachi" in the Houston Chronicle

Sehba, Sarwar, "Karachi's Winter Days" in NYT Sunday Magazine

Democracy Now! Interview with Elora Chowdhury on January 3, 2013

Eesha Pandit, "A Theory of Violence: In Honor of Kasandra, CeCe, Victoria, Savita and Anonymous"

Lakshmy Parameswaran, “Let’s Commit to Nonviolence
(Houston Chronicle, 2012)

Lakshmy Parameswaran, “From Apathy to Action in Response to the December Tragedies
(Houston Chronicle, 2013)

Lakshmy Parameswaran, “Children Often the Victims of Cycle of Domestic Dispute
(Houston Chronicle, 2010)

Lakshmy Parameswaran, “The Real Victims Behind the Gory Films We Love
(Houston Chronicle, 2003)

Elora Halim Chowdhury, Prologue and Introduction from Transnationalism Reversed
(SUNY Press, 2011)

Elora Halim Chowdhury, “Violence Against Women: We Need a Transnational Analytic of Care
(Tikkun, 2014)

Additional resources:

Excerpt from “Women Under Siege” catalogue (living room art, 2012)

UN Women, Facts and Figures: Ending Violence against Women

Asian Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence, Fact Sheet on Domestic Violence in South Asian Communities

Asian Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence, Statistics on Violence Against Asian and Pacific Islander Women

South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT), Resources on Gender Justice

The nature of violence faced by lesbian women in India: A study conducted by Bina Fernandez and Gomathy N.B

Count me IN! Research Report on Violence Against Disabled, Lesbian, and Sex-working Women in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal Edited by Debolina Dutta, Mark Weston, Jaya Bhattacharji, Suparna Mukherji, and Sarah Joseph Kurien