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Hyunseok Hwang

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Sociology, Texas A&M University
MPA, The Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University

474 Philip G. Hoffman Hall
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Biographical Summary

Hyunseok Hwang is an assistant professor of sociology. He received a Ph.D. in sociology and an MPA from Texas A&M University. His academic interests include organization theory, environmental sociology, community resilience, philanthropic studies and social entrepreneurship. His research has an overarching theme of identifying how organizations respond to institutional heterogeneity, grand societal challenges (i.e., massive social and environmental issues) and challenges to organizational sustainability.


Ph.D., Sociology, Texas A&M University, 2020
MPA, The Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University, 2015
B.A., Public Administration, Kyonggi University, 2012 

Research Interests                       

  • Organization & Institutional Theory
  • Institutional Logics Perspective
  • Nonprofit & Philanthropic Studies
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Community Sociology
  • Social Entrepreneurship


  • Introduction to Social Statistics

Selected Publications

  • Hwang, Hyunseok, and Tiffany Amorette Young. 2021. "The Diversity Imperative: The Effects of Local Economic Structure and Social Capital on Local Philanthropy." VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 33(1):571–586.
  • Hwang, Hyunseok, and Dongoh Joo. 2021. "How to be resilient? Local philanthropy as a collective response to natural disasters." VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 32(1):430–447.
  • Lee, Young-joo, and Hyunseok Hwang. 2020. "Loaded dice: Pandemics and economic inequalities." International Journal of Policy Studies 11(2):201–218.
  • Hwang, Hyunseok, and Tiffany Amorette Young. 2020. "How does community philanthropy function?: Direct effects of the social problem and the moderating role of community racial diversity." The Social Science Journal 57(4):432–449.
  • Bierman, Leonard, Rhett A. Brymer, Scott B. Dust, and Hyunseok Hwang. 2019. "Gatekeeping and our moral fabric: Has social capital deterioration vanquished professional oversight?." Journal of Professions and Organization 6(3):377–386.
  • Hwang, Hyunseok, and Laurie E. Paarlberg. 2019. "The energy boom: Boon or bane for local philanthropy?." Social Science Quarterly 100(5):1899–1915.
  • Hwang, Hyunseok, and Tiffany Amorette Young. 2019. "Considering the effectiveness of philanthropic collective action: a community ecology perspective." International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 39(3/4):201–220.
  • Beaton, Erynn, and Hyunseok Hwang. 2017. "Increasing the size of the pie: The impact of crowding on nonprofit sector resources." Nonprofit Policy Forum 8(3):211–235.
  • Paarlberg, Laurie E., and Hyunseok Hwang. 2017. "The heterogeneity of competitive forces: The impact of competition for resources on United Way fundraising." Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 46(5):897–921.