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The Center

About us

The Center for Stress, Trauma, Anxiety Research & Treatment (START) is a university-based research and specialty treatment clinic where activities aim to further our understanding of child and adult anxiety and trauma-related disorders and improving methods of treatment. START is founded upon years of experience in managing a university-based clinic since 1986. The clinic will expand services, including state of the art assessment and treatment of child, adolescent, and adult anxiety and trauma-related disorders based on internationally-recognized research that has been conducted by our Center members and other research groups across the world. START is committed to providing cognitive-behavioral, science-based practices and culturally-competent behavioral health services to the community. These services will be integrated with other community-based service clinics at HBSB II offering primary care and behavioral health services and training, including general physicians, nursing, and addiction services. We are involved in the continuing development of innovative methods of treatment on a large scale basis, addressing anxiety and traumatic stress from a public health perspective with a focus on delivery for those who do not have direct access to services, as well as school-based programs for child and adolescent anxiety and trauma-related disorders. In addition to its research, treatment, and assessment functions, START is a teaching facility that provides specialist training for clinical psychologists, other doctoral students, and other professionals working in the behavioral health sector. We are also committed to increasing community awareness of child, adolescent, and adult anxiety and trauma-related disorders. Our team of clinicians and researchers work together with our colleagues in other disciplines with the goal of better understanding these disorders so that we can offset the negative impact they have on individuals, families, our local community, and society as a whole.