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Pre-Law Recommendations

The department of political science has a pre-law adviser, Professor Jerry Jackson, who will attempt to answer all your questions about considering, applying to and being successful in law school. He will attempt to answer your questions either by email or in person. Please email him for an appointment. 
Jerry Jackson
In an effort to make your trip to law bar easier, Professor Jackson has written a series of papers on the most common questions that students have about getting into law school and succeeding once they have been accepted. Professor’s Jackson’s papers entitled, "So You Want to Go To Law School" will provide invaluable information for aspiring law students. The current papers are below. New papers will be added in the future.

The Pre-Law Adviser
So You Want to Go to Law School 1: Questions to Ask Yourself
So You Want to Go to Law School 2: An Overview of the Application Process
So You Want to Go to Law School 3: Majors and Pre-Law Courses
So You Want to Go to Law School 4: Comparing Law Schools
So You Want to Go to Law School 5: Picking a Law School
                                  Addendum 5A: Example 509 Report
So You Want to Go to Law School 6: Taking the LSAT
So You Want to Go to Law School 7: Letters of Recommendation
So You Want to Go to Law School 8: Your Personal Statement
So You Want to Go to Law School 9: Addendum

Courses Recommended for Pre-Law Students

Note: The information below is not intended to preclude completion of other courses that may be offered on a regular or irregular basis, such as selected topics courses. Nor does the below guarantee that completion of these courses alone will satisfy the necessary Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree requirements for graduation. Completion of courses below also does not ensure admittance into law school or graduation if a student is accepted into law school. The political science department recommends the following courses within the structure of the University Core Curriculum and college and departmental requirements.

The following courses may benefit a pre-law student in one or more ways. Several of the courses will help prepare the student to be better prepared for the formal study of law; some courses may increase the student's capacity to perform better on the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT); and many are useful to the future lawyer in the practice of law. All courses will better prepare one for living in the real world, regardless of one’s goals.

The courses with an asterisk (*) are courses that count towards the laws, values, and policy minor. Many of the below courses may also count towards a major or other minor.

Strongly Recommended

  • *POLS 3385 Intro to Law (A good starter course – an introduction to most areas of the law)
  • *POLS 3356 Introduction to Constitutional Law
  • *POLS 3357 Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
  • *POLS 3359 Criminal Justice
  • *POLS 3386 Criminal Law and the Criminal Justice System
  • *ENGL 3340 Advanced Composition
  • *COMM 1332 Public Speaking
  • *PHIL 1321 Logic I
  • *PHIL 3375 Law, Society, and Morality
  • *SPAN 3307 Public Speaking in Spanish


  • *POLS 3354 Law and Society
  • *POLS 3355 Judicial Process
  • *POLS 3358 Judicial Behavior

Also Recommended

  • *POLS 3349 Foundations in American Political Thought
  • *POLS 3350 Public Law and Political Theory
  • *POLS 3346 Human Rights
  • *POLS 4366 Constitutional Design
  • ACCT 2331 Accounting Principals I – Financial
  • ACCT 2332 Accounting Principals II – Managerial
  • COMM 3337 Argumentation and Debate
  • COMM 3339 Advanced Public Speaking
  • *COMM 3356 Business and Professional Communications
  • ENGL 4322 Grammar and Usage
  • ENGL 3341 Business and Professional Writing
  • *PHIL 2321 Logic II
  • *PHIL 3350 Ethics
  • *PHIL 3357 Punishment
  • *PSYC 2380 Intro to Social Psychology
  • PSYC 3334 Psychology and Law
  • SOC 3311 Sociology of Law
  • *SOC 3313 Criminology
  • TELS 2360 Law and Ethics in Technology and Innovation

In addition to these recommended courses, University Career Services offers counseling on such subjects as how to prepare for the Law School Aptitude Test; the process of selecting the law school suited best to the student’s personal desires and credentials; and the procedure for applying to law school. Up-to-date information is also provided on the various career opportunities and general employment prospects within the legal field.

Advice may also be available from various professors within the department teaching law-related courses.

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