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Alemán, Eduardo Alemán, Eduardo
Associate Professor
Office: 394 PGH
Khator, Renu Khator, Renu
Professor and President of UH
Office of the President
archer_allison_thumbnail_shorter.jpg Archer, Allison
Assistant Professor
Office: 436 PGH
Kennedy, Ryan Kennedy, Ryan
Phone: 713.743.1663
Office: 447F PGH 
badasphoto.jpg Badas, Alex
Assistant Professor
Office: 431 PGH
kitsner-m-small.jpg Kistner, Michael
Assistant Professor
Office: PGH 366
Tanya Bagashka Bagashka, Tanya
Associate Professor
Phone:  713.743.9657
Office: 403 PGH
Koganzon Koganzon, Rita
Assistant Professor
Phone: 713.743.2215
Office: PGH 408
Basinger, Scott J. Basinger, Scott J.
Associate Professor and
Director of Graduate Studies
Phone:  713.743.3911
Office: 447E PGH
littlepage-k-300x300.jpg Littlepage, Kelley
Instructional Assistant Professor
Phone: 713.743.0146
Office: 373 PGH
Cantu, Francisco Cantu, Francisco
Associate Professor
Phone: 713.743.8978
Office: 429 PGH
Assistant Professor
Phone: 713.743.1404
Office: 395 PGH
Casellas, Jason P. Casellas , Jason P.
Associate Professor
Phone:  713.743.8714
Office: 427 PGH
Rottinghaus, Brandon Rottinghaus, Brandon
Phone: 713.743.3925
Office: 393 PGH
Chatagnier Chatagnier, Tyson
Associate Professor
Phone:  713.743.9439
Office: 413 PGH
Scarrow, Susan Scarrow, Susan
Phone: 713.743.3915
Office: 416 PGH
Church, Jeffrey. Church, Jeffrey
Professor and Chair
Phone: 713.743.3914
Office: 447A PGH
Boris Shor Shor, Boris
Associate Professor
Phone: 312.283.4599
Office: 396 PGH
Clark, Jennifer H. Clark, Jennifer H.
Associate Professor
Phone: 713.743.3302
Office: 432 PGH
Simas-Marcinek, Elizabeth N. Simas, Elizabeth N.
Associate Professor 
Phone: 713.743.9962
Office: 421 PGH
Cole, Bryan J. Cole, J. Bryan
Instructional Assistant Professor
Phone: 713.743.3904
Office: 381 PGH
Soules Soules, Michael J.
Assistant Professor
Phone: 713.743.5326
Office: PGH 434
Contractor, Cyrus Contractor, Cyrus
Instructional Assistant Professor and
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 713.743.7027
Office: 373 PGH
Soules Tiede, Lydia B.
Phone: 713.743.1538
Office: 414 PGH
cortina.jpeg Cortina, Jeronimo
Associate Professor
Phone: 713.743.3894
Office: 447C PGH
Dr. Zhu Zhu, Ling
Phone:  713.743.2649
Office: 402 PGH
Fumurescu, Alin Fumurescu, Alin
Associate Professor
Phone: 713.743.2546
Office: 407 PGH
Zwald, Zachary Zwald, Zachary
Instructional Assistant Professor
Phone: 713.743.0409
Office: 383 PGH
Hawley Hawley, Michael
Assistant Professor 
Phone: 713.743.6454
jenke_thumb.jpg Jenke, Libby
Assistant Professor
Office: 389 PGH
jung.jpg Jung, Jae-Hee
Assistant Professor
Office: 447D PGH

Affiliated Faculty

  • Daniel Engster, Professor of Public Policy and Director, Elizabeth D. Rockwell Center on Ethics and Leadership at the Hobby School of Public Affairs
    Expertise: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Family Policy, Early Education, Care Work
  • Jessica Gottlieb, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Hobby School of Public AffairsExpertise: Political Economy of Development, Experimental Methods, Government Accountability, State and Fiscal Capacity, Partisan Polarization
  • Asher Lubotzky, Israel Institute Teaching Fellow and Scholar in Residence. 
    Expertise: Israeli politics and international relations; African politics and geopolitics; intelligence studies; race and international relations.
  • Pablo Pinto, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Hobby School of Public Affairs and Director, Center for Public Policy
    Expertise: Political Economy, Globalization of Production, Fiscal Policy and Taxation, Political Representation, Quantitative Methods

Professors Emeriti

  • Robert Carp
  • Donald Lutz
  • Richard Murray
  • Joseph Nogee
  • John Sloan
  • Alan Stone
  • Philip B. Taylor, Jr.
  • Kent L. Tedin
  • Robert Thomas