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Fellowships and Funding Opportunities


Teaching Assistantships:

To be eligible for a teaching assistantship, students must have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent, must be admitted to a graduate program, and should be prepared to work full-time toward the degree. Appointments to graduate assistantships are made by the college dean, based on department recommendations. Consult the Department of Political Science Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Scott Basinger, for more information.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid provides assistance to students through a program of loans, grants, and employment. This office analyzes all aid applications and assures complete confidentiality to students who supply information. Students interested in financial aid should apply well in advance of the semester for which admission is desired. For most aid packages (with the exception of teaching assistantships) the deadline for application falls in March, prior to the year of planned enrollment.

For further information about financial aid including hours, contact information, and staff information, please visit their website at:  

Competitive Fellowships

The department has a limited number of competitive fellowships that it awards to its top applicants each year.  All students who apply for the PhD program are considered for these fellowships. There are two fellowship types, and the department usually awards them both as a package.

  • Teaching Assistantship
    • TAs work 20 hours/week for the department on a variety of tasks related to teaching and research.  TAs are paid a competitive wage for a 9-month period.  This assistantship requires enrollment as a full-time student (9 credit hours of coursework), and maintaining a 3.0 GPA.  It is also contingent on making satisfactory progress to the Ph.D. degree, maintaining high standards of academic honesty, as well as the successful execution of TA duties.  
  • Graduate Tuition Fellowship
    • This fellowship covers the cost of tuition for the student.  Recipients must have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent and be admitted to a UH graduate or professional program.  Recipients must be enrolled full time, and show satisfactory progress to the degree.  Graduate students holding the fellowship must agree not to be employed (on or off-campus) for no more than 20 hours per week (50% FTE). Violation of this provision will result in withdrawal of funding during the semester in which the violation occurs.
  • PhD and MA Scholarship for Student Excellence
    • In addition, the department awards $1,000 scholarships to qualified applicants on a competitive basis.  These scholarships qualify students for in-state tuition.  All applicants are considered for this Scholarship.

For further information on these fellowships, see the Graduate catalog:

The Graduate Admissions Committee will make such nominations based on the following:

  • Applicant’s academic record in previous undergraduate and/or graduate programs.
  • Applicant’s letters of recommendation and the qualifications of the letter writers.
  • Applicant’s demonstrated interest in obtaining a doctoral degree and fit with the program as evidenced by his/her statement of purpose.
  • Applicant’s preparation to succeed in the doctoral program, for instance, a relevant prior Master’s degree, a record of previous courses in applicant’s desired field of study, or relevant background in government or politics.
  • Applicant’s performance on exams such as the Graduate Record Exam and the TOEFL.

Tuition and Fees:

An installment payment program is available for students who are unable to meet the total cost of tuition and fees at the beginning of the semester. Additionally, short-term loans are available through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Tuition, the student service fee, and the tuition designated fee are required of all students. The schedule of charges breaks down these expenses by semester hour. See “Graduate Costs and Financial Aid”

Veterans' Services

Students who are Veterans, as well as dependents and survivors of veterans who are entitled to VA educational benefits, should visit the Veterans' Services Office to apply for educational benefits and obtain general information about these benefits. The Veterans' Services Office also offers a scholarship guide, computer lab, fax capabilities, copy privileges, and counseling on a wide variety of subjects for veterans. 

For further information about Veterans’ Services including hours, contact information, and staff information, please visit their website at: