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Learning Abroad

Students from the UH Middle East Studies program (MESP, formerly Arab Studies program) regularly travel abroad to study Arabic language and culture. MESP does not have a special arrangement with any single overseas program, but rather works with several Arabic study abroad institutes and academies. As such we recommend the following intensive summer study abroad programs for Arabic Language. We have an ongoing and growing relationship with each of these programs, and our recommendation of them is based on several factors, including past UH student participation and success, program instructional quality, location safety, and affordability. In many cases, these programs also offer partial scholarships to students who apply early to help with the cost of tuition. UH Arabic students can also receive Arabic credit upon successful completion of these programs.

It is never too early to start planning your application. As you make preparations to apply, it is highly recommended that you contact Dr. Emran El-Badawi ( well in advance to schedule an advising session so we can help you develop a competitive application and answer specific program questions you have.

Finally, you are also encouraged to contact other students from UH who have participated in these programs in the past to learn from them first-hand about their experiences. For course equivalency credit student should attend the following program:

Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture – Amman, Jordan


Learning Abroad Scholarships

Students who plan to study Arabic abroad are strongly encouraged to apply for the International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS), the primary scholarship offered by the UH Learning Abroad Office. Information about other learning abroad scholarships available can be found here