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The Korean Program at UH offers the widest range of undergraduate courses on Korea. In addition to achieving advanced levels of proficiency in modern spoken and written Korean, students can acquire broad and detailed knowledge of Korean literature, history, and popular culture. Students who complete this program have the linguistic and cultural competence to work in various fields related to Korea, including business, finance, trade, journalism, diplomacy, cultural institutions and non-profit organizations, education, and academia.

KORE1501 Elementary Korean I
KORE1502 Elementary Korean II
KORE 2301 Intermediate Korean I
KORE 2302 Intermediate Korean II
KORE 3301 Advanced Korean I
KORE 3302 Advanced Korean II
KORE 3350 Korean Popular Culture
WCL 3397 Korean Literature in Translation
WCL 4367 Voices from Exile & Diaspora