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Learning Abroad

We encourage our students to participate in summer or semester-long learning abroad programs in German speaking-countries. Students interested in Learning Abroad should plan early and consult with German faculty as well as the staff at Learning Abroad.

Scholarships for learning abroad are available through Learning Abroad. Thanks to generous donations from the Houston Sängerbund and other donors, the German program has been able to award learning abroad scholarships in past years and hopes to continue to do so. Scholarships will be posted on our webpage.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a wide range of programs and scholarships to students from various disciplines.

For in-depth information on studying in Germany, please consult the link portal

Fall or Spring Semester in Leipzig (Germany)

Through the University of Houston/Universität Leipzig Exchange, one student from UH is given the opportunity to attend the Universitat Leipzig(Germany) for the fall or spring semester on a DAAD scholarship.

Affiliated summer / semester programs:

Other recommended programs: