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Degrees and Courses

We offer a German studies concentration within the framework of the World Cultures and Literatures B.A., as well as minors in German and in German area studies. All coursework toward the minor in German is in the German language. For the interdisciplinary German area studies minor, students will complete a substantial part of their coursework in German (language, literature, culture) but will also take classes related to German history or culture in other disciplines.

Lower division language courses (GERM 1501, GERM 1502, GERM 1803, GERM 2311 and GERM 2312) provide a solid foundation in basic language skills. Our language classes are student-centered and foster communicative competence in German. Students not only learn the language but are also introduced to a wide array of topics relevant to the understanding of contemporary German life and culture. Video and audio materials as well as computer software supporting language learning are available at the Language Commons. During fall and spring semesters, free tutoring in German is offered by the department.

The Placement Exam required for students with prior German instruction is offered and administered by University Testing Services. Qualified students may attempt a departmental credit-by-exam test to receive credit for GERM 2311, 2312, 3333 and/or 3334. For more information on the departmental exam, please contact Professor Glass.

Our upper division offerings facilitate in-depth study of the language, literatures and cultures of the German-speaking countries with special emphasis on cultural developments of the 20th and 21st centuries. German faculty participate in the interdisciplinary world culture and literature program of the department of modern and classical languages and women’s studies.

German offers core curriculum courses (taught in English) on topics such as the Holocaust, modernity, German drama and German film. These courses may be applied toward the German area studies degree.