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PROGRAM NEWS (updated 4/2009)

Congratulations to Eduardo Ortiz! Eduardo has been accepted into the Ph.D. program in Classics at the University of Pennsylvania with a 5 year fellowship.

Richard Armstrong is enjoying his third year as a Fellow in the Honors College (where he is now Team Omega leader for The Human Situation), and he continues to work on the reception of classical culture and the history of psychoanalysis. He is a frequent guest on the NPR radio program, The Engines of Our Ingenuity (visit his website to hear the episodes), and has several new and forthcoming publications, including “Eating Eumolpus: Fellini Satyricon and Dreaming Tradition” (Tradition, Trauma, Translation: The Classic and the Modern, ed. J. Parker and T. Mathews), “Marooned Mandarins: Freud, Classical Education, and the Jews of Vienna” (Classics and National Culture, ed. S. Stephens and P. Vasunia), “Being Mr. Somebody: Freud and Classical Education” (Freud’s Jewish World, ed. A. Richards), and “Classical Translations of the Classics: The Dynamics of Literary Tradition in Retranslating Epic Poetry” (Translation and the “Classic,” ed. A. Lianeri and V. Zajko).

Francesca D'Alessandro Behr's book Feeling History: Lucan, Stoicism, and the Poetics of Passion, has been published by Ohio State University Press.

Casey Dué Hackney spent her summer completing work on her forthcoming book (co-authored with Mary Ebbott), entitled Iliad 10 and the Poetics of Ambush: A Multitext Edition with Essays and Commentary. She and Professor Ebbott received an NEH collaborative research grant for this project in 2007-2008. In May 2007 Professor Dué Hackney coordinated a team of scholars who went to Venice to capture high resolution images of the oldest complete manuscript of the Homeric Iliad, a tenth-century manuscript known as the Venetus A.These images have been published at: A book about the Venetus A (edited by her) was published by Harvard University Press in Spring of 2009.