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Athlete Education Program

Adaptive Athletics is an organization that is dedicated towards promoting athletic participation for students with disabilities. Adaptive sports, in general, can serve as a mechanism to help individuals attain a more active lifestyle and become more involved in their communities. A recent study found that participating in adaptive recreation while pursuing a higher education leads to an increase in employment rates (Latsuka & Cottingham 2015).

Practices are open for anyone who wish to play, but only those who are pursuing higher levels of education such as GED or ESL will be eligible to travel and officially compete with the Adaptive Tennis team. We highly encourage those who are interested to join programs to further their education and learn at a higher capacity. As an organization working to serve the Houston community, we are open to helping students outside the University of Houston as well.

Information on how to register for the Texas Workforce Commission (Vocational Rehab) can be found here 

Information on ESL programs in Houston are available here