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Why English?

Student Testimonial Videos

The University of Houston English Department offers a vibrant and diverse array of courses, small class sizes in a variety of formats, and the opportunity to study classic texts as well as emerging trends in literature and criticism, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, and/or linguistics. A degree in English will surround you with students who are interested in the arts, history, politics, and languages as well as allow you to build close relationships with our dynamic faculty members. With active student groups such as Sigma Tau Delta and the Shakespeare Club, student-based publications such as the literary journal Glass Mountain and the literary conference Boldface, and the single highest concentration of Phi Beta Kappa inductees of any other major in the University of Houston's inaugural class, the English department is a centerpiece of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

A degree in English will also prepare you for a variety of career paths. Our graduates have gone on to careers in education, publishing, and business as well as pursued specialized graduate study in the field (English and Creative Writing) or in related disciplines such as the law, library science, and journalism.

Professions for English Majors

English degrees continue to serve as a portal to an array of career paths, from journalism and teaching to public relations and the law. Want to know what career opportunities are available to English majors? View our sample list of professions for English majors.