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REEI Courses and a Minor in WCL with a Russian emphasis

Below is a list of recent courses offered in the area of Russian and Eastern European studies at UH. Any of these classes count as credit towards a Minor in World Cultures and Literatures (WCL) with a Russian studies emphasis. Please contact Dr. David Rainbow ( or Dr. Alexey Golubev ( to learn more and to set up a consultation. More on the WCL minor can be found at the website of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.


HIST 3395 Russian Empire (D. Rainbow)
HIST 4343 Russian Revolutions and Stalinism (A. Golubev; D. Rainbow)
HIST 3395 Russia at War (A. Golubev)
HIST 3395 History of Energy in Russia (D. Rainbow)
HIST 3362 Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union (A. Golubev)
HIST 6395 Communist Modernity (A. Golubev)

Literature and Culture

HIST 4395 Russian Revolution in Film and Fiction (A. Golubev)
HON 3397 Russian History through Literature (D. Rainbow)
ENGL 3324 Development of the Novel: Gogol, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy (D. Mikics and D. Rainbow)
RUSS 3307 Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema (E. McGee)
WCL 3376 - Visual Stories - Local and the Global (M. Hernandez)


RUSS 1501 First-year Russian I (E. McGee)
RUSS 1502 First-year Russian II (E. McGee)
Credit for both RUSS 1501 and 1502 may not be applied toward a degree. 
RUSS 2301 Second-year Russian I (E. McGee)
RUSS 2302 Second-year Russian II (E. McGee)

Image: Aleksandr Deyneka, Krest’ianka, idi v kolkhoz! [Join the collectivized farms, Peasant Woman!], 1930. Poster collection, Hoover Institution Archives. Source.