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The Russian and Eastern European Initiative (REEI) at the University of Houston is an effort to promote the interdisciplinary study of the region. We are interested in training a new generation of industry leaders, global entrepreneurs, and scholars with expertise in a dynamic and critically important area of the world. REEI faculty are committed to understanding the region from an interdisciplinary perspective, and students who minor in WCL with an emphasis in Russia and Eastern Europe are eager to expand their knowledge and opportunities beyond the confines of a specific discipline.

REEI is also committed to forging connections between the University of Houston and the city of Houston. Houston has deep and historic ties with Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia. Houston is home to a large number of people connected by heritage to Russia, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, who contribute to the cultural life of the city through cultural organizations and regular events. More than 500 Houston companies in 2015 conducted business with Russia alone, which represents more than 25% of all U.S.-Russia trade and includes the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Nine Eastern European and Eurasian countries have diplomatic missions in Houston, and several maintain active trade relations through Houston-based chambers of commerce and the Sister Cities program. REEI at the University of Houston includes courses in language, history, literature, film, and furthermore, research opportunities, study abroad trips, and a host of public cultural events.

Image: B.V. Zvorykin, Bor’ba krasnogo rytsaria s temnoi siloiu [Fight of the Red Knight with a Dark Force], 1919. Poster collection, Hoover Institution Archives. Source.