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Organizational/Corporate Communication

Why study organizational communication

A significant amount of the average person’s life is spent at work. Some estimates suggest that the average worker will spend more than 90,000 hours at work in her/his lifetime. During this time, we collaborate with others and communicate constantly. Our organizational/corporate communication students study the ways people communicate in these contexts. More specifically, this area of study dissects the processes that occur both inside and outside of an organization on a global scale.

Preparing for a globalized workforce

Our organizational/corporate communication students learn about the inner-workings of organizations and how communication is used to collaborate with, lead, and manage othersur program prepares students to become global leaders who bring the needed mix of interpersonal and business communication skills to their projects. approach teaches theories and principles relevant to the management of corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations.

What our students learn

Our program teaches students key communication skills needed to lead in an increasingly globalized corporate and nonprofit world, such as conflict resolutions skills, team collaboration, and intercultural competency. Additionally, students learn to do the following:

  • Develop communication plans for internal teams
  • Teach effective communication skills to team members
  • Manage relationships with internal and external audiences – from organizational leaders to customers
  • Craft compelling presentations using digital media technologies
  • Create effective communication materials for regional, national and international organizations

Featured Courses

  • COMM4355: Organizational Communication
  • COMM 3358: Leadership Communication & Organizations
  • COMM4357: Intercultural Communication and Organizations

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