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Why study advertising?

Advertising is the key revenue source for media. It’s all about turning products into brands, and using creativity to form a message  to share with the public. Studying advertising teaches students to create a lasting concept - not just an avenue for sales. Our students learn to embed a brand in the minds of the public. Through creativity, advertising professionals build a message  that can be shared with the public, and that the public can share among its members.

Our Approach

Our teaching approach is hands-on. Our program offers a balance between instruction and application - the secret to a successful college career - so that students establish a solid knowledge base and get the opportunity to apply it. Our advertising students learn how to develop an integrated marketing communication program that includes strategic planning and ad campaigns. With this planning, they develop, frame, and execute a specific messages that tailors  to niche audiences.

In the classroom, our students are frequently placed in charge of specific projects so that you are developing  the skills necessary to be able to handle different clients and industry accounts. These projects can include developing a media plan, promoting a product or service, and other work. These tasks give our students field experience and help them build their portfolios.

What We Teach

Our advertising students gain knowledge on the theory and principles of advertising, analytical and critical skills, ethical requirements, copywriting, research/data analysis techniques, and campaign design and execution requirements. Each of these areas is at the core of advertising. For students who are interested in this side of communication, this area of study tends to be a good fit.

Featured Courses

  • Advertising Media Planning
  • Advertising Account Planning
  • Principles of Integrated Communication

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