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Media Policy/Media Studies, B.A.

In the 21st century, media are ubiquitous. Unlike a generation ago, individuals have the power to not only consume messages but to create them--instantly reaching the world with a push of a button or the click of a mouse. The media policy/media studies major at the Valenti School of Communication drives students to both understand how these messages are created and then what impact on individuals and society those messages may have. The proliferation of new technology and communication systems has proven to be dynamic in bringing about social and cultural change, so to understand their roles and functions in society is crucial to understanding both the positives and negatives associated with their use. Students interested in this program tend to be intrigued by mass media as a subject in and of itself.

Why should we study media?

Studying media offers a peek into one the most normalized forms of human behavior in our society. Our media policy/media studies program covers the role of mass media in our lives and provides students with the intellectual understanding to become “an intelligent consumer” of media. Students pursuing a media policy/media studies degree tend to be critical thinkers focused on constructing a historical and modern evaluation of the role and function of media.

The importance of media literacy

Media literate individuals – those who can access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms – are an integral part of modern society. Students who pursue this degree gain the ability to deconstruct and evaluate their own media experiences as well as those of others. Media studies students can use their understanding of media’s historical development to understand how it affects today’s landscape.

Featured Courses

  • Media Effects
  • The Social Impact of New Media Technology
  • Media, Power, and Society
  • Propaganda and Mass Communication

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