Shawn McCombs - University of Houston
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Faculty Bio

Shawn McCombs

Communication Technology Center Manager, Lecturer
Communication Bldg

Dr. McCombs serves as the Director of the UH Apple Authorized Training & Testing Center and manager of the Communication Technology Center (CTC). He also serves as a faculty member for the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication. In addition to teaching and administering the CTC, Professor McCombs studies the impact of technology on communication and education, and the synergies that coexist between these areas. He teaches Information Communication Technologies I and II, as well as e-Health & Telemedicine at the graduate and undergraduate levels.



  •  (Ed.D.) – Curriculum & Instruction -IT, University of Houston  (2010)
  •  (M.Ed.) – Instructional Technology; University of Houston, Houston, Texas. (2003)
  •   (BBA) – Management Information Systems (MIS); University of Houston, (1999)  


  • Information & Communication Technologies I,
  • Information & Communication Technologies II,
  • E-Health & Telemedicine;
  • Introduction to Telecommunications;
  • Communicating through Digital Storytelling;
  • Social Aspects of Communication Technologies.
  • Graduate E-Health & Telemedicine;
  • Computers in the Classroom,
  • Issues in Distance Education 

Selected Publications

  • McCombs, S. (2010). Mobile learning: An analysis of student preferences and perceptions surrounding podcasting. Retrieved from EBSCO, May 2010.
  • 2009 Liu, Y. & McCombs, S. (2009). Podcasting: A Flexible e-Learning Tool. In Yuen, S. & Yang, H. (Eds.)   Collective Intelligence and E-Learning 2.0: Implications of Web-Based Communities and Networking. IGI Publishing, Hershey, PA. January, 2009.


  • ACTC-   Apple Certified Technical Coordinator