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Press Release

Toso Leae
Writing and Photography Intern
Jack J. Valenti School of Communication

For Inquiries:

HOUSTON (October 4, 2018) - The Jack J. Valenti School of Communication has concluded the Impact Wall campaign to modernize upstairs classroom, COM 244.

This campaign, which launched in 2017, was fueled by contributions from students, faculty, alumni and community partners. In exchange for their participation, donors’ names were incorporated into the room’s branding. Houston graffiti artist GONZO 247, founder and curator of Aerosol Warfare, donated his talent to designing and installing a mural for the space.  

“The space is everything we wanted - and more,” said Dr. Temple Northup, director of the Valenti School of Communication. “With our community’s support, we were able to remodel the entire room and upgrade the technology to create better learning environment for students.”

The Impact Wall campaign was announced at the 2017 Impact Awards ceremony with the goal of raising $15,000 for revamping the space - $2,700 of which was raised at the event, alone. In 2018, the room was modernized with new, collaborative furniture, and GONZO247, the creative force behind the prolific Houston Is… mural, designed and installed the unique mural. The artwork spans three walls and has become the largest mural in the building.

The mural is to represent the different fields and majors within this school and how the common goal is to teach someone different ways to communicate,” said GONZO 247.

Impact Wall Donors

Julie Fix
David Rivera
Martha Haun
Craig Wilson
Lisa Wilson
Adam Garrow
Lauren Garrow
Addison Garrow
Finn Garrow
Lennon Garrow
Johannes Sander



Max Sander
MaryClaire Wilson
Ava Wilson
Dustin Kalman
Nia Soeharto
ill Yamasaki
Glissette Santana
Christina Landmark
Stephen Doiron
Oscar Gutierrez
Demi Sander



Mike Weingart
Jose Rangel
Malcolm Farrell
Verna McKentie
Janet Jones
Tathagata Basu
James Fritz
The Linckes
Gary & Shari McCormack
Ray Purser

In this spotlight, we feature our community partner, Houston graffiti artist GONZO 247. Founder and curator of Aerosol Warfare, GONZO 247 donated his talent to designing and installing a multi-wall mural in COM 244 at the Valenti School of Communication. // Video by Aaliyah Brown, Media Production Intern

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