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April 19, 2013—(CSAAC) Symposium on Africana Theory and Method--The University of Houston’s African American Studies Program will host a research symposium on the topic of Africana Theory and Method.Africana Theory and Method is an area focusing on the interdisciplinary aspects of social science and humanistic roles and function in Africana Studies. Furthermore, the intent is to invite a cohort of scholars who have national recognition in publishing scholarly work on this specified area of research and writing. Equally important, this is a one day program where scholars will present their research projects in preparation for publication in an edited volume. The African American Studies program will incur the cost for invited scholars, including round trip airfare, meals, ground transportation, and lodging. CSAAC will request invited scholars to submit a one paragraph abstract by February 10, 2013 to the attention of: Dr. James L. Conyers, Jr., Director, Center for the Study of African American Culture and Director, African American Studies Program, at or