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Chapter Programs, Meetings, and Events

**It is important that chapters consult with their governing council before any planned events, as their governing council may provide guidance to their member chapters that may be more specific and/or rigid than the guidelines outlined in this resource.

Programs/Meetings/Events in the Student Center:

Chapter Meetings: It is highly recommended that chapters host larger chapter meetings (10+ members) in a virtual format. Chapters and councils may host in-person meetings following the University of Houston’s social/physical distancing guidelines and in cooperation with room capacities as identified by the Facility Manager. This includes required social/physical distancing, required face covers, and strict adherence to room capacities.

  • Chapters with a membership of 10+ members should host their chapter meetings in multiple rotating rounds to limit the amount of gathering/clustering of members.
  • Chapters hosting in-person meetings within the Student Center must work with their appropriate ‘Chapter Coach’ to ensure the appropriate precautions have been applied.
Chapter Programs/Events: It is highly recommended that chapters not host in-person events throughout the Spring 2021 semester. However, if absolutely critical to organizational sustainability, chapters and councils may host in-person meetings following the University of Houston’s social/physical distancing guidelines and in cooperation with room capacities as identified by the Facility Manager.

Chapters unable to effectively host programs/meetings/events within the Student Center under the aforementioned guidelines may lose their ability to host chapter programs/events/meetings for the remainder of the Spring 2021 semester, and both organizations and individuals may be cited for violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

Programs/Meetings/Events outside of the Student Center:

Programs/Meetings/Events in Academic Spaces: Chapters/councils will be unable to reserve space for programs/meetings/events in classroom spaces and other academic spaces for the Spring 2021 semester.

Programs/Meetings/Events in Outdoor Areas: Chapters/councils may reserve space to host small gatherings of 10 or less in outdoor spaces. If groups are looking to host larger events in outdoor spaces, they will need to follow additional guidelines provided by the University. The University of Houston’s social/physical distancing guidelines applies in these outdoor gathering spaces as well.

Membership Intake (NPHC, MGC, and UGC)

Registering Membership Intake for the Spring 2021 semester.

Chapters who are conducting membership intake in the Spring 2021 semester:

Chapters planning on taking in members should follow the same reporting process outline in our ‘Membership Intake Policies’ section on our CFSL website. The same reporting guidelines should be followed as in previous semesters.

  • Virtual intake education and presentation of new members is highly recommended.
  • Chapters wishing to host any in-person education sessions and rituals must consult with their respective chapter coach prior to submission of any intake reporting within the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life to explore if appropriate distancing and face-covering can occur adhering to all university COVID-19 guidelines and Event Approval Process.
  • For guidance on a virtual/digital format . pPlease reference CFSL’s ‘A Virtual New Member Presentation Guide’ resource for tips on how to present your new members/neophytes virtually/digitally.
  • If presenting members formally through a new member/neophyte presentation, the 10 business day timeline between initiation and presentation still applies.
  • New member education should be completed before April 30, 2021. No new member education and/or formal presentations (virtual or in-person) will be conducted during or after finals or during the summer months.

New Member Presentations:

Chapters must formally present their new members to the campus community no later than 10 business days after the members are formally initiated. While this guidance is broad in nature, chapters should consult their governing council for guidance that may be stricter than the guidance provided here. Chapters may choose one of the following methods for their new member presentation:

  • Fully virtual/digital (recommended): Chapters are recommended to present members in a video and/or social media format on chapter social media platforms. Members being presented virtually should be identifiable by both name and face. Virtual/digital presentations must be posted no later than 10 business days after formal initiation.
  • Livestream: Chapters wishing to present live with no public/private audience may do so following the University of Houston’s social/physical distancing guidelines and in cooperation with room capacities as identified by the Facility Manager. Presentations done in this format would need to adhere to the new member presentation registration guidelines outlined in the New Member/Neophyte Presentation Policy.
  • In-Person with Audience: While not recommended, chapters may wish to host a traditional new member presentation. These events must comply with stated capacities as identified by the Facility Manager, must be operated under strict social/physical distancing and face covering guidelines following the University of Houston’s requirements, and must be invite only operating under a specific guest/invite list. Presentations done in this format would need to adhere to the new member presentation registration guidelines outlined in the New Member/Neophyte Presentation Policy.

Interfraternity Council Recruitment

Spring 2021 Recruitment Guidelines

In order to promote the health of our members, the Council’s Executive Board has adopted the following policies for the Spring 2021 recruitment period:

Individual Organization guidelines

    • Any party, event, or gathering of an IFC member chapter that can be reasonably construed as a “Chapter Event” will be interpreted as such and require approval.
    • Any group or individual event where 6 or more members off campus of an IFC member chapter are participating, registered, competing, or hosting, will be deemed a “Chapter Event” and must get approved by the IFC executive board.
    • If a chapter is found in violation of these guidelines they will be charged with a Standards Hearing and a monetary fine.
    • Chapters will be allowed to meet with PNMs and/or brothers off-campus. All brothers should follow COVID guidelines including mask mandates and a IFC capacity for the events of 50 brothers max. There should be no social events or any events containing alcohol off-campus.
    • All events must comply with proper social distance regulations.
    • On campus events can be conducted only through reservations through the university. If a reservation is not made you will be in violation of these COVID guidelines.
    • These events may be conducted at chapter houses
      • Organizational meetings of less than 10 brothers may occur without approval. If you want to do a ritual or certain organizational event over 10 brothers you must get that event approved.
      • Once the event is confirmed, you must provide IFC with the confirmation through a google form.
    • University Event Registration Process
    • IFC Event Registration Form

Houston Panhellenic Council Recruitment

The Houston Panhellenic Council will not be hosting any in-person recruitment events. All recruitment events will be held within a virtual format, including Continuous Open Bidding Recruitment Events (COB). For more information about additional recruitment events or opportunities, please reach out to the individual chapters of interest or the Vice President of Recruitment.

Fraternity/Sorority Housing in Bayou Oaks

Capacities in Bayou Oaks Townhomes

In accordance with the university’s social distancing standard of one individual per 40 sq. ft., chapters must keep a maximum capacity of 20 people or less within the first floor including the chapter room, adjoining study, and kitchen/foyer areas.

Physical Distancing within Townhouses

Additionally, students must wear face coverings while in their townhouse and adhere to the appropriate physical distancing guidelines of 6 ft. between people as set by the university. Please make sure that this physical distancing is applied throughout the townhouses and that clustering is prohibited.

Registered Events in Bayou Oaks

Under normal conditions, chapters who reside in Bayou Oaks are able to register social events with alcohol under the Bayou Oaks Townhouse Event Policy, philanthropy events, and other events that are social or educational in nature.

For the Spring 2021 semester, no social events within the townhouses will be permitted. Therefore, the university will not be registering any social events with alcohol, philanthropy events, or other large-scale programs to be hosted within the Bayou Oaks townhomes. Additionally, the university will not be registering any buses to pull up on Bayou Oaks property with the purposes of transporting students to off-campus venues.

Chapters wishing to host small in-person gatherings (chapter meetings, committee meetings, etc.) under the university’s social distancing guidelines and under the capacity of 20 people at one time should work with Javon Miller, Fraternity/Sorority Housing Coordinator, to inform the university and to ensure proper COVID protocols are being followed. Javon can be reached at jfmiller4@uh.edu.

Registered Events in Outdoor Bayou Oaks Spaces

As an outdoor space, gatherings in ‘the pit’ may not exceed the current Texas state guidance of 10 people. If under 10 people, chapters can register these gatherings with the Bayou Oaks office.

Social Events outside of Bayou Oaks

Again, chapters are encouraged to follow the current guidance provided by the state of Texas, limiting social gatherings to 10 people or less. It is important to connect with your governing council about any additional guidance/directive they have set around social events for the Fall semester.


Thank you for your attention to the details communicated within the plan. We encourage you to continue to reference this website throughout the semester as changes in our university environment, the city, state, and nation may warrant changes to our COVID-19 response. It is our hope that, while certainly different than anticipated, that we are able to continue to deliver a tier-one fraternity/sorority experience. If you continue to have questions about this plan, please email cfsl@uh.edu so that your questions can be recorded and answered.