Big Sonia Documentary

Tuesday, November 27th
Student Center South Theatre

In support of International Tolerance Day, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) will host the Big Sonia Documentary. The documentary showcases Sonia Warshawski, a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor, who uses her experiences of surviving the Holocaust as a teenager to inspire countless people who once felt their traumas would leave them broken forever. A public speaker at schools and prisons, Sonia uses her voice to avoid recurrence of the evil she survived in multiple concentration camps and death walks. Her influence expands generations and cultures. Big Sonia explores what it means to be a survivor and how intergenerational trauma affects families and future generations.

The film screening is 45 minutes followed by a question and answer period with Big Sonia’s Daughter Regina. Before the screening, there will be a photo exhibition outside the Student Center Theater- Beyond Duty: Diplomats Recognized as Righteous among the Nations.