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Student Testimonials

Mandy Yang  “I took this course because not only did I want to learn more about my culture and heritage as an Asian American but also I wanted to learn a helpful skill for the future. Being a pre-health major, I want to travel to Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, China, etc to practice.  I believe the knowledge I learn from Asian American classes will help me integrate into those culture.  The classes are also fun and really cool so its a bonus incentive.” – Mandy Yang  
 Maryam Ahmed  

“I have really enjoyed taking Asian American Studies classes. I receive knowledge that I can take with me and use in my day to day life.  These classes have let me gain more confidence in a discussion and taught me that my opinion matters. I can connect with my classmates as we got to know each other through the discussions we have in class. I am calling attention to a more diverse representation of Asia in these classes but all that I am learning now about various Asian Americans has inspired me. They have taught me that you should never be ashamed of who you are and where you come from because that's your identity that no one can take from you.” – Maryam Ahmed

 Wendy Berrios  

“I have found that Asian American Studies classes have truly enriched my experience at the University of Houston.  As a minority myself, I aspire to learn about other minority cultures and their heritage so I can come to understand my diverse community better. I also aspire to be a teacher so learning about other cultures will help me with encountering students of other nationalities.  I am very grateful to Asian American  Studies as they have truly widened my horizons in my education”— Wendy Berrios