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About the AASC


The Asian American Studies Center (AASC), founded in 1995 at the University of Houston, grew out of the vision and dedication of students, faculty, administrators and the support of Houston’s community leaders. The AASC was established in recognition of the many cultural, social, historical, economic, political and linguistic contributions made by Asian Americans to this country. Charged with the responsibility of creating partnerships between the University of Houston and the Asian/Asian American communities worldwide, the AASC is integrally linked with the development of Asian International Study Programs.


The AASC is an interdisciplinary academic center dedicated to the study of Asian/Asian Americans in the United States and abroad. Its mission is to generate knowledge, increase awareness and foster rich opportunities for learning about the Asian/Asian American experience.


Provide students and faculty with concrete opportunities to interact with the ethnically diverse members of the Asian/Asian American communities, especially in the Houston area.

Promote collaborative efforts between the University of Houston and other outstanding institutions through this country and the world with the purpose of improving the quality of teaching, research and community services.

Offer substantial and relevant courses for undergraduate and graduate students on selected Asian and Asian American topics.

Implement an academic specialization, research projects, study abroad programs, scholar exchange programs and community activities focused on the Asian/Asian American experiences.

Prepare students for a variety of careers in counseling, human services, nursing, public administration, journalism, business, law and health professions, and for a teaching career in history, English, political science, psychology, sociology and elementary school education.