Real Stories

  BENEFIT FAIR EVENT OVERVIEW Human Resources planned the 2010 Benefits Fair to include a balance of employee offerings through both UH departments as well as external organizations. To view event pictures, event statistic and rarffle prize winner click here.

HR Professional Development

The U Learn Program is a developmental and skill building program for staff. This program strengthens many essential skill sets such as: people development, communication, cooperation and collaboration, service excellence, organization and time management, and problem solving and decision making. U Learn will continue to evolve as new programs focused on improving skills in the workplace are added in each of these topical areas.

Upcoming Professional Development

Huddle up! Football season is here and it's time to rally your team for a Training Touchdown! Read More...

Telephone Etiquette 

Many times a phone call is the first impression a prospective student, employee or faculty member has of the University of Houston. It's our opportunity to make that first impression (plus ongoing interactions) positive and lasting. Read more...