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The UH Division of Research is the support system for the innovative work of our faculty, providing comprehensive resources and services for university research endeavors.

Find Funding and Develop Your Ideas

The Office of Research Development (ORD):
- Identifies relevant funding opportunities
- Helps teams develop strategic content for competitive, multi-million dollar proposals
- Provides workshops and resources on grantsmanship
- Connects you to collaborative opportunities across local, regional and national entities

Submit Proposals and Manage Your Awards

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG):

- Reviews and approves proposals for external funding
- Ensures accuracy of proposed project budgets
- Confirms compliance with University and sponsor requirements

- Negotiates and accepts awards
- Communicates sponsor terms and conditions to faculty
- Establishes cost centers, assists with submission of progress reports, approves expenditure reallocations
- Assists faculty with financial monitoring of the sub-recipient, and assists with general award management
- OCG Research Financial Services handles billing, financial reporting, and effort reporting and close out for sponsored projects.

Understand Regulations Around Your Research

The Office of Research Policies, Compliance and Committees (ORPCC):
-Ensures compliance with federal regulations for work with both human and animal subjects, conflicts of interest, grant congruency, and responsible conduct of research
-Conducts congruency reviews prior to award set up (verifies IRB, IACUC, COI, safety approvals)

Animal Care Operations (ACO):
-Provides professional veterinary and husbandry services to support animals used in biomedical and behavioral research
-Maintains standards for animals, facilities, equipment and procedures
-Offers services to faculty for animal procurement, training, veterinary consultation in research design, transportation of animals and veterinary care

Protect Your Intellectual Property

The Office of Intellectual Property Management (OIPM):
-Manages patents, copyrights and trademarks
-Works with faculty and the Intellectual Property Committee to file patents for inventions
-Fosters research and scholarship through the effective transfer of University-wide technology to industry

Launch a Startup and Commercialize Your Technology

The Center for Innovation & Partnerships (CIP):
- Partners to bring UH discoveries to the marketplace
- Helps entrepreneurial faculty and students launch promising startups
- Fosters collaborative activity as part of the UH Innovation Ecosystem

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