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Business Operations

About the Business Operations
  • Office Administration and Customer Service
  • Accounts Payable and Purchasing
  • Research Investment Funds
  • Internal Awards
  • Royalty Distributions and Payments
  • Budgeting, Accounting, & Reconciliations
  • Division Certifying Signature
  • Manage Annual Budgeting Process
  • Monthly reconciliation
  • Reallocations
  • Create and Close Cost Centers
  • Departmental Oversight and Support
  • Policies and Procedures Administration
  • Business Training and Development
  • Provide DOR Central HR Support
  • Provide Division HR Support
Cris Milligan

Cris Milligan
Assistant Vice President for Research Administration

Pam Muscarello Charles Holtsclaw Jermaine McMillan
Pam Muscarello
Division Administrator
Charles Holtsclaw
Department Business Administrator
Jermaine McMillan
Department Business Administrator
Ed Sierra Sharon Kuang Mila Bautista
Ed Sierra
Administrative Assistant
Sharon Kuang
Accountant 3
Mila Bautista
Accountant 2
Paula Eakins Pammy B. Moore Eric Coon
Paula Eakins
Financial Coordinator 2
Pammy Moore
Financial Coordinator 2
Eric Coon
Financial Coordinator 1