UH/UHAA Giving Societies

In Tempore Legacy Society

The In Tempore Legacy Society (formerly known as The 1927 Society) is a distinguished group of individuals who have included the University of Houston in their estate plans through planned giving. These gifts may include such contributions as bequests, pooled income funds, gift annuities, charitable trusts, outside trusts, IRAs and life insurance policies.

College of Pharmacy alumni and friends who are members of The 1927 Society include:

Mr. Charles R. Atkinson

Dr. Vishnu D. Gupta and Mrs. Kanta K. Gupta

Mr. Tom Edward Horner

Mr. Linzay L. Kelly

Mr. Marc Malacoff and Mrs. Lena Malacoff

Mr. Nicholas J. Martino and Mrs. Mauree Martino

Janis Parsley

Mrs. Nancy R. Simpson

Mr. Joseph H. Snyder

Ms. Shara L. Zatopek

Cougar Executives Organization

The UH Cougar Executive Officer organization recognizes UH alumni and friends who support the University of Houston through philanthropy and are Owner, President, CEO, Principal, Partner, etc., of privately held companies.

CEO participation provides annual support vital to UH students and programs; strengthens the university through valuable feedback and partnerships; and bolsters our ability to offer access to UH resources and networks.

College of Pharmacy alumni who are members of the Cougar Executive Officer organization include:

Mr. Paul Lott, LLW Consulting, Sugar Land, TX

Mr. Fred S. Emmite, Nature's Pharmaceuticals, Magnolia, TX

Mr. Benjamin Fry, Fry's Prescription Pharmacy, San Benito, TX

Mr. John J. Lovoi, Lovoi and Sons Pharmacy Inc., Beaumont, TX

Dr. Lance Campbell, Campbell's Compounding, Houston, TX

Mr. Sunny Chin, C & G Pharmacy, Houston, TX

Mr. Ruben P. Fonseca, Weslaco Pharmacy, Weslaco, TX

Mr. Howard Allan Pavia, Linden Drug Co. Inc., Linden, TX

Mrs. La Rue Neville Pavia, B2TF LTC Pharmacy, Linden, TX

Houston Pacesetters

HOUSTON Pacesetters are alumni, friends, UH faculty and staff who are among our most loyal contributors having supported the University of Houston at least five consecutive years. Making it a priority to invest in our mission year after year, their consistency provides foundational support that has allowed UH to expand its vision into the national and international arena.

These annual gifts strengthen academic programs, support research, improve technology and enrich the educational experience of students at the College of Pharmacy and across the University of Houston campus. Donors may choose to benefit any UH program or fund with an annual gift: colleges, departments, scholarship awards, arts and music, University Libraries, or Cougar Pride athletics.

HOUSTON Pacesetters recognition is simply a way UH can demonstrate appreciation and is easy to achieve. Give a gift to UH every academic year (September 1 - August 31). Five consecutive years marks the first milestone of a HOUSTON Pacesetters designation. The amount of the gift is not as important as the commitment to the tradition of consistent annual giving.

Rising Stars

The University of Houston Rising Stars are recent graduates who choose to give back to UH by making a gift within the first 5 years following graduation. Many make this first commitment during their semester of graduation through a Cougar Spirit Cord gift.

Rising Stars know that individual contributions every year are essential to UH – regardless of the amount of the gift. Becoming a Rising Star is your track to insider information about all things UH. And it's easy to achieve. Give a gift of any amount to UH every academic year (September 1 - August 31). So long as you have graduated from UH within the past 5 years, you earn Rising Stars recognition with your very first gift. And you must continue to give to UH annually, in any amount, to remain a Rising Star.

Even if you have given since graduation, but you've missed a year or two since, you can earn Rising Stars recognition with your next gift! And no matter how you get started, after five consecutive years, you earn recognition by becoming part of an elite loyalty group: the HOUSTON Pacesetters. Benefits may include insider email information, special event invitations and suprises still to come.