UHCOP Poster Production Center

The University of Houston College of Pharmacy provides its students, staff, and faculty with the ability to print research posters for presentation at meetings and symposia. The college's Research Poster Production Center is housed in SR2 133 and is operated by the Office of Information Technology using a 42" large format printer. The Research Poster Production Center is supported by a grant from Healix®.

Poster Printing Terms and Instructions for Submitting a Poster

  • Posters printed by the UHCOP Office of Information Technology (RxIT) must utilize and adhere to the college’s Poster Template.  Please see the UHCOP Poster Template Guidelines.
  • Posters should be designed at either 36 inches OR 42 inches in height; width may be of any size.
  • There is currently no cost to UHCOP students, staff and faculty for the first printing of a research poster being presented at a conference or meeting.
  • The Office of IT does not provide any editorial services.  Posters submitted with errors will be only reprinted for an additional charge ($20.00).
  • Posters with errors caused by the printer (i.e., running out of ink or paper problems) will be reprinted free of charge.
  • Posters should be submitted via email to RxPoster@uh.edu at least 3 full business days before desired pick-up date.  Please attach both the poster file and the completed Research Poster Printing Request Form (.pdf) to the email.
  • Each individual poster must be submitted separately via email with the completed form.
  • Posters may be picked up from the Dean’s Office (Room 141 SR2) during between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

College of Pharmacy Research Poster Templates

The following MS PowerPoint files are provided as a starting point for developing a research poster.  College of Pharmacy users may download and modify the template to create their research poster provided they adhere to the UHCOP Poster Template Guidelines.  Simply right click on the desired template and choose "Save As" or "Save Target As."

UHCOP Poster Template - 36"H x 48"W

UHCOP Poster Template - 36"H x 72"W*

UHCOP Poster Template - 42"H x 56"W

UHCOP Poster Template - 42"H x 90"W

*PowerPoint limits a slide's maximum width to 56 inches.  Slides for templates with widths larger than 56 inches are actually created with dimensions half those shown for the final production size.  For example, a poster template shown with the dimension 36" H x 72" W  would show dimensions of 18" H x 36" W under Page Setup in PowerPoint.  When printed, it is enlarged 200% to achieve the final production size.