ACPE Self-Study

PLEASE NOTE: The appendices within each section of Standards are not active.

Mission, Planning & Evaluation


Standards 1 - 3
Standard No. 1: College or School Mission and Goals
Standard No. 2: Strategic Plan
Standard No. 3: Evaluation of Achievement of Mission and Goals

Organization & Administration


Standards 4 - 8
Standard No. 4: Institutional Accreditation
Standard No. 5: College or School and University Relationship
Standard No. 6: College or School and other Administrative Relationships
Standard No. 7: College or School Organization and Governance
Standard No. 8: Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Dean



Standards 9 - 15
Standard No. 9: The Goal of the Curriculum
Standard No. 10: Curricular Development, Delivery, and Improvement
Standard No. 11: Teaching and Learning Methods
Standard No. 12: Professional Competencies and Outcome Expectations
Standard No. 13: Curricular Core - Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Values
Standard No. 14: Curricular Core—Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Standard No. 15: Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning and Curricular Effectiveness



Standards 16 - 23
Standard No. 16: Organization of Student Services
Standard No. 17: Admission Criteria, Policies, and Procedures
Standard No. 18: Transfer of Credits and Waiver of Requisites for Admission with Advanced Standing
Standard No. 19: Progression of Students
Standard No. 20: Student Complaints Policy
Standard No. 21: Program Information
Standard No. 22: Student Representation and Perspectives
Standard No. 23: Professional Behavior and Harmonious Relationships

Faculty & Staff


Standards 24 - 26
Standard No. 24: Faculty and Staff—Quantitative Factors
Standard No. 25: Faculty and Staff—Qualitative Factors
Standard No. 26: Faculty and Staff Continuing Professional Development and Performance Review

Facilities & Resources


Standards 27 - 30
Standard No. 27: Physical Facilities
Standard No. 28: Practice Facilities
Standard No. 29: Library and Educational Resources
Standard No. 30: Financial Resources