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Teaching Relief Policy

Teaching Relief Program Eligibility: Full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty who are primary caregivers of a newborn infant or newly adopted child. Terms: One semester of teaching relief may be provided, in which other duties are to be assigned instead of teaching duties. Teaching Relief should not be used for circumstances where use of sick leave is appropriate. The application must be approved by department chair, dean and Provost or designee, based on the criteria set out below. Under the terms of this program, the teaching load of the faculty member in the semester before and after the leave will not be affected by the terms of the leave. Procedure: Application – Faculty member must submit an application at earliest possible date, preferably 6 months in advance of the semester in which teaching relief is requested. Application must include:

  1. A request establishing the eligibility for the teaching relief;
  2. A sufficiently detailed description of the work to be done in place of the applicant's normal teaching responsibilities;
  3. A defined work product to be advanced;
  4. An adequate method for evaluation of the work by the department chair or dean during the semester; and
  5. The faculty member teaching load in the semester before and after the leave must be specified.

Approval – Approval is contingent on the following findings:

  1. The proposal must be found to be in the best interest of the department’s or program’s instructional program.
  2. The instructional responsibilities of the department or program can be met without the allocation of additional resources.
  3. The department or program will continue to be in compliance with applicable statutes and policies, including:

a. Texas Government Code § 658.002 – Working Hours Required for Salaried Employees b. Texas Government Code § 658.007 – Working Hours for Employees of Institutions of Higher Education c. Texas Education Code § 51.402 – Report of Institutional and Academic Duties d. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Faculty Workload Guidelines e. Board of Regents Policy § 21.05 – Faculty Workload f. UH Academic Workload Policy, established in the UH Faculty Handbook Approval by AVP/Provost The chair or dean should submit the application to the AVP/Provost, along with his or her written review regarding eligibility and approval. Upon final review, the AVP/Provost will issue a written decision to the applicant and appropriate dean and/or department chair. The decision of the AVP/Provost is final.

UH Faculty Handbook: May 31, 2013 Page 173