Performance Management

ePerformance in PeopleSoft will be updated.  

More information will be provided as we roll out the new system.   Click here for Quick Tips for completing the 2015 documents.

What is Performance Management?

Performance management is an ongoing, continuous process of communicating and clarifying job responsibilities, priorities and performance expectations in order to ensure mutual under- standing between supervisor and employee. It is a philosophy which values and encourages employee development through a style of management which provides frequent feedback and fosters teamwork. It emphasizes communication and focuses on adding value to the organization by promoting improved job performance and encouraging skill development. Performance Management involves clarifying the job duties, defining performance standards, and documenting, evaluating and discussing performance with each employee.

The University of Houston’s performance management process utilizes an electronic method of performance management called ePerformance for benefits-eligible staff. The ePerformance document follows workflow within PeopleSoft and is electronically routed until finalized, after which it becomes part of the employee’s electronic personnel file. This electronic process provides an opportunity for managers and direct reports to have an ongoing dialogue related to performance throughout the evaluation period.

Annual performance appraisals provide a way for the organization to communicate the mission and strategic initiatives to front line personnel, and ePerformance puts a special focus on Customer Service being delivered at all levels of the organization. The performance tool is pre-loaded with the employee’s specific responsibilities directly from their job description, as well as competencies, which are behaviors demonstrated on the job, that are matched to each job role. This will improve and enhance HR’s ability to deliver targeted training and development opportunities to managers and staff.