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ePerformance Training for Managers


ePerformance is our electronic performance management tool.  Housed within PeopleSoft, this system allows managers and their employees to maintain an ongoing dialogue throughout the performance cycle while keeping an electronic archive.

Follow the links on the right sidebar of this page to view each presentation.  Each presentation contains slides, notes, an outline view, and a search function. You may view the presentation in its entirety or view only those sections that you need to review.

Getting Started

To get the full benefit of the course, you will need to do four things. First, turn-off your pop-up blocker for this site. Second, turn on on your computer's audio. Third, make sure that you sure that you have a copy of Adobe Reader for content downloads.

Lastly, print this workbook to use as a guide as you watch the introduction and tours.

Click on the “click here” links in the right side bar to view each of the three presentations.  Select the “play” button, indicated by a white arrow to start each presentation.  Also, you can stop, pause, and view slides in any order that you wish.

To exit the presentation and return to the Home Page, click on the "x" of your browser window.

Please note that Tour 3: Rating the Employee is also available as a printable PDF.